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Blog introduction:

Let's talk all things neurons, grad school, & more!

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Welcome to all! My name is Lietsel (lee-ZUHL) and and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences with a focus on Neuroscience at the University of Central Florida. My research home is at the UCF BRaIN Lab where we aim to learn more about the brain and human locomotion. In July 2020, I co-founded a grassroots organization called Black In Neuro in a joint effort to celebrate Black neuroscience scholars and increase the diversification of the field.

I am originally from Sint Maarten in the Caribbean and now reside in sunny Central Florida. Ironically, I despise hot weather and prefer cooler temperatures. On the rare occasion that Florida cools down, I enjoy gardening, hiking, picnicking, and berry picking with my partner and puppy. Warmer days draw me indoors so I might enjoy cuddling with my beloved cat, reading fantasy novels, and baking.

Headshot of Lietsel smiling and wearing gold-framed glasses, a white cardigan with lemon embroidery, and cat necklace. The background is blurred.
Lietsel Jones, M.Sc.

Alright, nice to meet me or whatever. But what's the point of this blog? Get to the point, Lietsel!

Fine, I will: non-profit and sci-comm work has led to invites to participate in several panelist and speaking opportunities over the last two years. I've shared my science, passion for neuroscience, and journey as a scholar with many intersectional identities: Black woman, first-gen, lesbian, disabled, and immigrant. These speaking engagements have been wonderful platforms to share my story and my science, but as an introvert myself, I appreciate the value of non-talky modes of communication. So, my ADHD brain will throw thoughts on here for your perusal in case you're not feeling talk-y.

How often will I post?

Straight up - I have no idea. I'll talk about this in a separate post, but my mental energy ebbs and flows when I least expect it. Executive dysfunction tends to pop out of nowhere during a productive streak, but please know that somewhere in my brain, I plan to publish at least once a month.

Will I ever release topics in an organized, chronological, or hierarchical manner? Also, no. Not one of my strengths. Topics will chaotically reveal themselves to you, dear reader, in the same way that they reveal themselves to me: unforeseen. That being said, I hope you enjoy rollercoasters in real life and would want to strap in for a rollercoaster of thoughts. Happy reading!

Until next time

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